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Criminal defense attorneys need refined and established Criminal Defense Investigators to provide professional criminal defense investigation to support advocacy of the client and to protect constitutional rights of those charged. LBI has built an outstanding reputation in the field of Criminal Defense Investigation and has worked some of the most notorious criminal cases in state of Arizona . Our intense support of the rights of the accused along with adept factual investigation has helped to assure due process and fair justice for many over the years LBI has been in business. During the investigative process, discovery is reviewed and a strategy is planned after development of investigative theories and themes.  Field investigation is focused and trial support is assured. We are here for you when you need us most. 

We don't just handle Private Clients, we contract with the Office of Contract Counsel to ensure even those who can't afford a good defense on their own are able to acquire one. Money should not bar one from a fair and just defense. We have defended people from all walks of life who have been charged with everything from theft all the way to serial murder. Our Investigators have the experience, the know how, and the connections to ensure you are afforded the best defense possible. 

At Lien & Bond we believe truth and justice should always prevail. 

Are you charged with a crime?

Have you been charged with a crime? What you do next could effect you for the rest of your life if you don't have the right Legal Defense Team.

Crimes in Arizona can range from simple ticket-able offenses & Misdemeanors to serious Felonies that could put you in one of Arizona's many state prisons for decades. Don't risk leaving your Freedom to the Jury and the Courts. You need Skilled Private Investigators that know the field, know the Attorneys, and know how to conduct a proper and legal Investigation to get the facts and the truth for your defense. Your life could be at stake with an ill prepared defense and no Investigative team.

Don't think you can afford an Investigator?

At Lien & Bond Investigations we contract with the Office of the Public Defender to represent and defend those who don't have the means to afford a good Defense Investigation Agency. If you can't afford a Defense Investigation team and you're counsel is with the Public Defender's Office, tell them you'd like to have Lien & Bond Investigate your case. We will visit you in Jail if you're locked up, and at your home if you're out. We will keep you apprised of all developing information as it is uncovered. If there is a lead or information out there waiting to be uncovered, we will find it. We will ensure your rights are protected and your Due Process is respected and your rights are protected as enshrined in the Constitution of the United States. 

Memberships and Affiliations

Member of AALPI

Proud Member of the Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators.

12 Legions of Angels

A group of Christians, called by the Lord, who are experts in the field of trafficking investigations and working towards developing sound strategies to gain a better understanding of traffickers methods of recruiting victims, their transportation routes, funding sources, safe houses, and the destinations of their victims. 

Stealth Find

A group of skilled Private Eyes offering GPS tracking services for multiple applications, such as asset protection, child protection, teen driver monitoring. 


An organization of Psychics, Law Enforcement Officers, and professional search and rescue volunteers from all over the world working with Law Enforcement and families to find missing loved ones and solve homicides. This unique group offers not only practical support through the expertise of Retired Law Enforcement, but search & rescue professionals with canine support with certification in tracking and cadaver search. 

Arizona Process Server Association

Our Sr. Investigator is also an Arizona Process Server and is a Member of the Arizona Process Servers Association. We offer skilled Process Service Specializing in Difficult Serves. The Arizona Process Servers Association (APSA) was founded in 1973 to represent the interests of Professional Process Servers in Arizona.

Runaway Squad

A team of skilled private investigators that rescue runaway teenagers and reunite them with their families, PRO BONO TO THE FAMILIES THAT CAN NOT AFFORD TO PAY A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR. 

LBI's Kelly Townsend on ABC 15 Discusses Missing Children

LBI's Founder Kelly Townsend featured on ABC 15 story "A day in the life of a PI" on 4-7-17. 

Kelly has been a PI for over 20 years in AZ working some of the biggest cases in AZ involving missing kids in a quest to reunite them with family. 

Some cases end in tragedy such as the discovery of the remains of Isabel Celis of Tucson, AZ & Jesse Wilson of Buckeye, AZ. 

Once a loved ones remains have been found, these cases turn into a quest for justice to bring these evil perpetrators to justice.

LBI's Kelly Townsend on ABC 15 Discusses Jesse Wilson

LBI's Kelly Townsend discusses who he believes killed young Jesse Wilson of Buckeye, AZ. 

Jesse went missing on July 17, 2016. When Jesse went missing Kelly and his team took this case on a special pro-bono basis and spent over 50+ hours in an effort to help find Jesse.

After almost 2 years missing, Jesse's remains have been found in a remote area of Buckeye.  The case is still active at the time of this writing and is being investigated by Buckeye PD with help from state resources and the FBI. 

Other Services

We offer many other services outside of Criminal Defense! Please visit us @: for a full listing of all our other services that are offered.

Some of our other highly popular services are: 


Lien & Bond Investigations team of investigators are experts in their ability to track down even the most elusive individuals.  Well schooled and experienced in the art of locate and missing person investigation, our company is proud to acknowledge an above 95% success rate.  It’s not easy finding people who are either missing or cannot be easily found because someone has lost track of them over time.  Rest assured, LBI can help you locate and make contact with the people you want to find. 


The backgrounds of individuals including their financial worth and list of assets can be determined through field inquiry, as well as through a variety of the most modern information database networks available to the investigative industry. Background Checks can net nation-wide results, and this includes Criminal Backgrounds. 

Domestic Services and surveillance operations


If you suspect that your spouse is up to something, don’t turn a blind eye and get hurt in the process. Find out for sure by taking advantage of our spousal surveillance services. We will get the answers you seek and help you either put your mind at rest or deal with the situation effectively. Our services are discreet and we are respectful of delicate situations.


Do you need Legal Documents served quickly, efficiently, and affordably? We handle all types of serves including Criminal, Civil, and Family Law doucments. Wehave highly competive rates for service and a 98% success rate. Don't know where the respondent is to serve them? We can help you locate them through our skip-tracing services. 

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